pink rose in the garden

Our Spring Garden

When our garden is concerned, spring is my favorite time of year. Everything is in full bloom right now and growing at a pace I’ve never seen before. Our garden is young and so I had yet to witness such rapid growth until now and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. When we bought our house in 2018 our yard was a clean slate which I loved. I was an avid container gardener until we bought our own property so I always knew I would want a vast and diverse outdoor area. My influences come from my dad, who had an impressive herb garden when I was growing up, and my aunt who has the most beautiful ocean-side garden. With that being said, here is a tour of our garden this spring.

Flowering camomile in the garden.

My dream garden is a country garden, with flowering bushes, stone paths, and wild flowers filling the in between. So I’m working towards that. Above you can see we have clematis and my camomile is flowering. We have a varied herb garden which includes camomile, sage, rosemary, thyme, lemon thyme, mint and more. When I’m cooking, I love to go grab some fresh herbs from the garden and sometimes I even make some tea, but for the most part, there are too many herbs to use them all. They make a great addition to the garden.

Next, we have some roses. They are probably my favorite flower that’s currently in bloom in our garden. I thought that they would be hard to grow, I always thought that they were notorious for contracting diseases, but so far so good. I have a pink rose bush and an orange climbing rose.

Container Garden

I have a love/hate relationship with container gardening. I find them harder to keep alive, mainly because I forget to water them… but they do need to be watered more, in my defense. I do love them though so that’s why I replenish them year after year. Lucky for me, none of my hanging baskets or planters have died yet this season. I will need to keep an eye on them come summer time.

This is by far not an exhaustive overview of the garden, there’s so much to show. Each season comes with it new flowers and new challenges, so I will keep you up to date when the seasons turn.

X Renee

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