Beau the havapoo.

Meet Beau – The Newest Addition to the Family

A few months ago, Beau came bounding into our lives. Half Havanese, half Poodle, weighing around 3lbs, he completely stole my heart from the moment I met him.

Charlie and I had been wanting to get a companion for Finn, our five year old Aussie Doodle, for a while now. Beau came into our lives at the right moment. He’s feisty, cute, cuddly, and full of energy. His caramel coat and brown nose make it so hard to be mad at him for more than a minute. So you can imagine the mischief Beau and Finn get into.

Beau will be 10 lbs fully grown, so this is new for us. Finn is a medium sized dog so we’re not use to watching where we step at all times or watching our front gate so that Beau doesn’t slip underneath them. There’s been a learning curve but it’s been so fun.

We couldn’t have picked a better doggo to join our family and you can tell that he feels at home as well.

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