Hello! I’m Renee

story teller, amateur cook, health nut wannabe

Welcome to Renee Lately where I document anything from my travels near and far, adventures in amateur home cooking, health and fitness and even home decor and fashion. As you can tell, this blog is meant to follow what I’m up to lately, this can be a lot of different things so I hope you stick around to find out what’s next.

about renee

I grew up in a small town in Nova Scotia, Canada where I spent most of my time daydreaming of traveling far away (this is actually how I met my husband, Charlie). I started traveling in high school and actually went abroad not once but twice while studying in university. This extended my graduation date but I am so happy I did it. These days, I have found a new love for exploring small towns, going on road-trips close to home and feel pretty lucky that I can be in the mountains or by the beach in a matter of hours. Charlotte, NC is where we currently call home and we share it with our two dogs, Finn and Beau, and our newborn CJ.

I tend to romanticize life and live for the little things, with that, I hope that you will follow along and keep up with the latest.

A little bit more about me:

  • I love to garden, you will probably see some gardening tips and tricks or garden tours periodically on Renee Lately.
  • I speak two languages (French and English) although I’m not as fluent as I once was in French.
  • I want to be a novelist when I grow up 🙂
  • I studied French literature in university but when I moved to Charlotte I got a job as a graphic designer.
  • My husband and I met on a bus in Cambodia.
  • Summer is my favorite season, December is my favorite month!